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Useful Information


CIHT is a professional body which acts to test and confirm competences in the highways and transportation sectors by awarding designatory letters and also leads on the development of new guidance such as Manual for Streets


The CILT is a professional body which acts to test and confirm competences in the transportation and logistics sectors by awarding designatory letters and also leads on the development of new guidance on sustainable transport


APM is a nationally recognised body which award designatory letters as a proven level of competence in the Project Management field by training, exam and interactive workshops

ACT Travelwise

Registered user of ACT TravelWise which is the UK’s premier network for organisations working to promote sustainable travel, a society in which people and organisations can meet their travel needs in ways that protect and enhance the environment, improve public health and support community well-being.


The RTPI/TPS Transport Planning Network (TPN) is a member-driven forum for transport planners and those with an interest in transport issues.


CDA to encourage and facilitate collaborative working with members and guests across a wide range of disciplines within the construction and development sectors around the NW with an additional focus in east Lancashire. To engender debate and lobby for increased use of the local procurement of services from the public sector to maximise the investment to the benefit of the local community.


DTPC have ensured that the clients data and our support is safeguard by putting in place a key infrastructure. This will enable the business to be resilient against computer issues and get back up and running in a short a time as possible. The vast majority of the business support is carried out electonically and safe guarded by the following processes, where possible i.e. the hard copy information is supplied in A4/3 size these are scanned in and saved to the scheme folders to enable back ups to be undertaken.


All data is backed up every day overnight and is encrypted to ensure confidentiallity is maintained, data can be reinstated within an hour and no stored data is overwritten


In addition to the off site backing up of data on site back ups are also carried out on a daily basis using a remote hard disc supplied by

DTPC PC’s are safeguarded by a continuous UPS which is always on and acts as a battery that powers the computer. A continuous UPS charges itself on AC power from a wall socket, and in turn runs the computer and other hardware systems. This acts as a buffer so that no matter what happens to the AC power — be it surge, lag, or outage — the critical machinery receives a clean, reliable flow of juice.

If the PC system fails and cannot be repaired the company has a back up laptop which has all necessary programmes setup on and thus can have the backed up data downloaded and support continued.


We are a member of the FSB to ensure we have upto date information on running the business to reduce down time in trying to research all the business support needs ourselves thus maximising our ability to react and provide timely advice to clients

Useful Links

Please click here to view our PDF which contains a large amount of useful links for sustainable travel and workplace travel plans, car sharing and car clubs, cycling and walking, flexible working, journey information (cars and public transport), ministerial speeches and statements, road safety and business travel.