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DTPC - What Others Say About Us

As with all businesses the key test is the level of support given and the clients and co consultants view of the quality of advice. The following are a selection of testimonials given to Alan as the principal and DTPC where appropriate.


Russell Homes

We have worked closely with Alan on projects with diverse and complex issues. Alan has always provided high quality timely advice and he has the ability to understand complex and often conflicting issues and draw together solutions to manage risks. We see Alan as key advisor who understands the needs to balance technical solutions with the commercial pressures facing developers. We are happy to recommend his services. Daniel Kershaw Director

Creative Property Limited

Having worked with Alan for over 10 years I know what to expect, his practical advice is always ‘to the point’ and ‘jargon free’ with a clear recommendation for each situation. He has no desire to make over complicated suggestions and understands the needs of his clients. He has provided advice on small to very large and complex developments with a range of end uses and always shows the same level of commitment. By dealing with a principle with his level of experience I know that his advice will be robust and also provide an optimum solution, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Richard Dean Creative Property Ltd

Broadway Malyan

We have worked with Alan over a number of years on a wide range of different projects, mainly at a strategic scale. He has always brought an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience to teams, along with an ability to identify very quickly, in a clear and pragmatic way, the key requirements of a brief. He takes an interest in the interface of his discipline with others and is creative in his approach to solving multi-disciplinary problems. He has a refreshingly straightforward and direct way of dealing with colleagues and clients and is a valuable member of any team. Eddie Fox Associate


I have worked with Alan Davies for over five years and have continued to seek him out as both our careers have progressed. Alan provides not only excellent advice with regard to transport and connectivity but is also able to make real contributions to the strategic thinking of the team. A valuable partner. Patrick Berry Director

Chamber Estates Ltd

We were recommended to seek advice from DTPC when a planning application for a new access was refused on highways grounds. Alan's comprehensive report in support of our new application was key to consent finally being granted. He has a broad knowledge of the issues, works quickly and efficiently and was at all times a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending DTPC. Pippa Gee Estate Manager


SEGRO are managers of Heywood Distribution Park a 3 million sq ft secure site. We have always found Alan to be committed to providing a highly responsive and effective service and see him as key advisor who understands the needs to balance technical solutions with the commercial pressures facing developments. He has advised on a 600,000 sq ft outline planning application and subsequent discharge of S106 and S278 negotiations, a new access strategy leading to the approval of two new access points and a full Site Travel Plan. Alan has also been part of a team advising regarding a Simplified Planning Zone for Heywood Distribution Park. He has been involved at Heywood Distribution Park for 7 years and we have happily continued to engage his services following the formation of DTPC to provide continuity and high level inputs. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Chris Billington Development Manager

Lead Co Consultants


A key part of our ongoing projects is my ability to rely on DTPC for pragmatic, direct and ultimately practical highways and transportation advice. That’s absolutely critical to me as a planning permission adviser, and to development projects that stand or fall on the quality and integrity of the technical inputs to them. The practice combines a genuine depth of experience with a commitment to providing an effective, personal service. I am able to recommend DTPC to my clients, confident that they will perform. Andrew Watt Director

J10 Planning

Like J10 Planning, DTPC is a small independent practice that provides the guarantee of director level advice with the benefit that we know and are currently relying on Alan to deliver and do so concisely and incisively at a practical cost and within time. For that reason DTPC is a partner we and our clients can rely upon and have no hesitation in recommending. Justin Paul Director

Barton Willmore

Barton Willmore have been working closely with DTPC on the creation of a Simplified Planning Zone at Heywood Distribution Park, Heywood, Lancashire, on behalf of the site’s owner The Heywood Unit Trust (c/o SEGRO) since 2008. During this time we have found that the advice received has been clear, concise and has assisted greatly with negotiations with Rochdale MBC in establishing the principle of the SPZ and negating potential objections to the scheme. Establishing a workable highways position has been key in progressing the SPZ towards adoption. A thorough understanding of local transport issues in the north west, coupled with a sound knowledge of legislation and guidance means Development Transport Planning are consultants that we would be happy to work alongside again. Mark Stich Director

Hourigan Connolly

I have worked with Alan for the past 10 years on numerous projects including mixed use urban regeneration schemes, the development of greenfield land for major commercial and industrial developments as well as the promotion of an urban extension comprising over 1,000 dwellings, district centre, country park, new school and expansion of a regional hospital. Alan brings a wealth of experience to any project requiring specialist highways advice. He has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he is an accomplished negotiator with Highways Authorities and a robust witness under cross examination at Public Inquiry. Marc Hourigan Director

Turley Associates

Before joining TA I worked closely with Alan Davies on a major complex project (550 acres in size) over a period of about 6 years in which time we achieved a successful planning permission following long and protracted negotiations with the Highways Agency and the Highways team of the local authority. The permission was delivered without the need to progress to inquiry or call-in and included new and innovative mechanisms in the Section 106 Agreement to overcome major strategic and detailed highways issues. Since joining TA Alan has continued to provide me with timely input and advice in relation to tender proposals. Rob Peters Turley Bristol Office Director.

Alan takes the time and effort to understand his clients’ needs and brings a successful mix of commercial focus and technical expertise to complex projects. He works well within a multi-disciplinary team and his advice and effectiveness in negotiations is respected by highway authority officers and fellow professionals alike. He is committed to providing a prompt and efficient service and exceeding client expectations. Graham Love Turley Manchester Director.

On this basis, we can both recommend DTPC to our mutual clients confident that they will have relevant highways input with which we can engage and which will perform. Rob and Graham

DGL Associates

As a mainly residential 'Architectural Design Practice', it is essential that close working relationships are forged with relevant and complimentary Professionals who understand the needs of the Architect in achieving the best possible design solution, whilst looking to achieve robust answers and commercially viable design ingenuity to challenges that arise during any project. I have worked with Alan on housing schemes of various sizes over the past couple of years whereby he has continuously produced, without exception this level of service and experience, working together at all times to achieve the best possible outcome for our client in common. The process of achieving a planning permission that also meets the requirements of the adopting Highway Authority is becoming more and more complex making this working relationship even more essential yet Alan continues to demonstrate his efficiency and effectiveness within his ever demanding profession and it is a pleasure working with him. Darren Lever Director

HOW Planning LLP

HOW Planning LLP was founded in 2001 and is now one of the largest planning consultancy firms in the North West. Throughout our growth we have worked closely with Alan as one of a number of high quality consultants capable of providing the level of service we require for our clients. Alan’s skill and expertise and quality of advice has assisted us in working in partnership with others and clients on a wide range of projects. I would be more than happy to recommend Alan and his practice to any of our clients and in particular, the fact Alan is an experienced Expert Witness at hearings and public inquiries. Importantly for us, Alan is not only an exceptionally good highways consultant, but someone who understands the planning process and how it creates value. In short, the team at HOW Planning know we can rely on Alan’s advice and also enjoy working with him. After all, many of the projects we take on are certainly challenging to say the least. Richard Woodford Partner


The team at e*SCAPE Urbanists have all worked closely with Alan over a number of years, on a variety of projects throughout the north-west. Alan has an impeccable record in transportation planning / engineering in support of both specific planning applications as well as being an integral member of any urban regeneration team. His good humour and professionalism is matched with his wealth of knowledge and experience making him a key member of any project.

Alan is not only extremely competent, but highly creative in developing transportation solutions that really work. His practical and logical approach to transport planning and design assists planners, urban designers and other professionals to understand the issues and allow them to work effectively to develop workable schemes. Alan’s ability to home in on a specific issue or detail without losing sight of the strategic goals is an important element of his unique offer.

Past experience, with projects in and around Greater Manchester, has time and again demonstrated Alan’s contribution to the design and development process. He has a wealth of professional contacts and colleagues which allow him to quickly investigate ideas and initiatives and get fully involved in options development rather than simply commenting on developed plans. This has proved particularly useful when progressing strategic masterplans where quick professional assessment of a whole range of options and suggestions is integral towards arriving at the best solution for a town or neighbourhood. Alan has an ability to communicate his ideas effectively to professionals and communities alike which is particularly important with any urban design or regeneration scheme and engenders a degree of trust and respect with everyone he comes into contact with – that’s priceless! Roger Lomas Director


Alan is a very experienced expert with a deep technical knowledge of highways and transportation matters. He is a strong team member who is extremely diligent and responsive. Andrew Piatt Head of Planning

Booth King

DTPC provide clear and pragmatic advice. Alan Davies has the experience and expertise to make significant contributions to projects. Booth King have established an effective working relationship with DTPC and we will continue to recommend them to our clients. Mark Moppett MD